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The fastest way to reach me would be via plurk, here! Feel free to email me at eonflamewing[at], though!

utapri resources catalogue

Let me know which ones you want and I can put a link up for you! Also if you dl something and it's broken please tell me so I can fix it.

ISO files

These files are best used with PPSSPP. I intend to write a guide on how to use them in the future, but for now I just have these.

+ Uta no Prince-sama Repeat
+ Uta no Prince-sama Sweet Serenade
+ Uta no Prince-sama All Star
+ Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret
+ Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC
+ Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC 2

Each one is in excess of 1GB in size (save for MUSIC) so it might take a few days, bear with me.

+ All Star ISO rips (sprites + bgm + cg + songs, comes in separate folders)
+ ASAS Singles' short versions (direct ISO ripped)


Forenote: A lot of these zip files have been corrupted. I'm in the slow process of going through each and every one to see if I can restore them or at least recover as much data from them as possible. If you'd like to request a unworked zip to see if it can be salvaged (my computer is 10 years old so I doubt it can do a lot of things), feel free!

Some of them were compressed on a Chinese-Unicode computer. If you dl the file and discover it's all named weirdly and the filenames are broken, I recommend installing the 360 zip decompressor. It's the only program I've found so far that can bypass the scrambled Unicode. If you can't use it for any reason, get back to me and I'll manually decompress them for you.

Clean and working
+ Character Drama CDs 1-3
+ Duet Drama CDs 1-3
+ Repeat Bonus Drama CD (the magical girl one)
+ Maji Love 1000% OST Volumes 1-6

Scrambled Unicode - May need 360 decompressor to extract
+ Audition Song CDs 1-3
+ Fandisc Songs CDs 1-3
+ Repeat Audition Commentary CDs (A Class + S Class)
+ Animate White Day Special
+ MUSIC + Debut Bundle Special - SHINING AGENCY'S GREATEST PRANKING CONTEST (chinese translation here)
+ Maji Love 1000% Idol Songs 1-7(you know, the super lewd cd series)
+ Maji Love 2000% OST Volumes 1-7
+ Maji Love 2000% Idol Songs 1-7
+ Maji Love Revolutions Insert Songs 1-7
+ Debut Unit Drama CDs 1-4
+ Shuffle Unit CDs 1-4

Corrupted (in various stages) - Some do have a few tracks that can be extracted and listened to.
+ Animate CD Bonus (since it's broken, I'm not sure which game this is from)
+ Repeat store bonuses
+ SS store bonuses
+ Debut store bonuses
+ MUSIC2 store bonuses

Unchecked - I haven't had time to look through these in detail but feel free to request still!
+ All Star Duet CD
+ All Star Singles
+ All Star After Secret Singles (senpais only)
+ Shining All Star CD
+ All 3 of the anime OPs


Miscellaneous things that I found useful.

+ Maji Love 1000% Animator Reference Sheets (HD)
+ Maji Love 1000% Episodes (soft Chinese subs, but useful if you want to make gifs)