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The fastest way to reach me would be via twitter, here! Feel free to email me at eonflamewing[at], though!

Galaxy Rush

This is a Prince of Stride side manga published in Dengeki Maoh from the 2016 February issue onwards. It mostly covers the Saisei Stride Team's formation story. You can read the English translation of it here.

Please do not re-upload these translation images to other sites. I have had cases where people took my work without my knowledge or permission. If this continues, I may have to lock the pages or make them restricted access. Thanks for understanding.

Chapter 1: 2016 Jan | translated
Chapter 2: 2016 Feb | translated
Chapter 3: 2016 Mar | translated
Chapter 4: 2016 Apr | translated
Chapter 5: 2016 May | translated
Chapter 6: 2016 Jul | translated
Chapter 7: 2016 Aug | Obtained as of July 15! Translation in progress.

Bonus Manga
2016 Jul: POSA Anthology Preview | In progress!