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The fastest way to reach me would be via twitter, here! Feel free to email me at eonflamewing[at], though!


Listed here are all the drama cds/books/magazines that I've accumulated over the months. It will be updated periodically as I get things.

Please do not reshare to other people. I paid for these stuff and ripped them by hand, so I would appreciate if you keep the files downloaded to yourself. This is because it's technically piracy (and uh illegal) and I don't want to get my site shut down. If you have a friend who wishes to get these files, please ask them to come to me and I will send it to them directly.

My email is eonflamewing [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also contact me on Twitter if you wish.

- Galaxy Rush - Prince of Stride: Manga serialized in Dengeki Maoh from 2016 Feb issue onwards

Drama CDs: Please email me for download links of these.
- First Release Animate CD: Boys' Junk Food Party (ft: Reiji, Shizuma, Takeru)
- My First Love Vol. 5 - Kyosuke Kuga and Nana Sakurai
- My First Love Vol. 6 - Reiji Suwa and Nana Sakurai

- Prince of Stride full CG zip
- Dengeki Girls' Style My Star Vol.5 Galaxy Standard special feature
- Dengeki Maoh Saisei pin-up posters [coming soon!]
- Prince of Stride: The Vision [artbook, also coming soon!]