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The fastest way to reach me would be via twitter, here! Feel free to email me at eonflamewing[at], though!


So hey. Just a brief intro here - I do translations and typesetting as commissions, so if you ever have a doujin that you'd like translated just hit me up.

My rates are flexible - for plain text translations, they're 1 USD for 3 pages for Chinese doujins, and 1USD for 2 pages in Japanese. Again, this is a flexible rate depending on how text-heavy the doujin/text is. I can also do typesetting, but that will have extra charges. If you're interested, feel free to email me at! Or drop me a private plurk/tweet, that works too.

If you'd like samples of my work, here are linked some. I also have some that are hosted on this site by itself. Thanks for looking!

Hosted Here:
- [Ongoing] Galaxy Rush - Prince of Stride: Manga serialized in Dengeki Maoh from 2016 Feb issue onwards

Own Projects:
- untitled - Samurai Warriors 4: Kanbei/Takakage
- It's Difficult To Love An Otaku - Chapters 3-5 were translated by me and typesetted by Hojo.

Finished Commissions:
- My Student Isn't A Photogenic Person - One Punch Man: Saitama/Genis